Pars Paidar Energy (PPE) was established in 2009 with goal of designing and manufacturing all types of mechanical drivers for valves applied in oil and gas industry. Drivers are generally in two types of quarter turn and full turn which are manufactured according to International and national standards.

Attitude of "customer- oriented sale" in managing system has caused to customer's satisfaction, promotion of products quality, innovation and continuous creativity, rising of efficiency in after sale technical services and healthy competition with competitors that is one of the most important principles and values of PPE. Satisfaction of engaged parties including customers, staffs and society is the main target of PPE which can be achieved with below principles:

Principle I: promotion of product quality through required systems and obligations with adapted standards in process and products.

Principle II: manufacturing goods with most competitive prices using guidelines such as reducing waste and time of production cycle time and improving the quality of production equipment.

Principle III: Innovation and presenting products by new plan by considering customer views.

Principle IV: improving the performance of the processes related to customers such as after sale service.

Principle V: strengthening human resources through continuous and effectiveness training and of staffs

Principle VI: allocating optimal resources in order to achieve the goals and quality programs for products.